A Bedtime Story

It was 8 o’clock. Bedtime for kids. Not just where you are but everywhere all around the world. It was as if time zones had collapsed into one.

Once upon a time—it has to start that way, doesn’t it?—there was a child, living an ordinary life in a normal place. But this child dreamed of having great adventures and doing great things.

An unexpected thing happened, dramatically removing the child from his or her comfort zone and into a situation of enormous challenges and dangers. S/he came upon strange creatures, and it was difficult to tell just who was friend and who was foe.

A terrible thing happened and prospects looked extremely dark. But the boy or girl saw or remembered something inspirational and dug deep into a well of strength s/he never knew s/he had. And with great effort, the obstacle was overcome and the darkness was lifted.

The task completed, the child returned home to the familiar place. But s/he would never be the same.

That’s the end. Or maybe the beginning. Right?