Be Forgot

He was an old acquaintance and he seemed vaguely familiar. Where did I know him from? Kindergarten?

Certainly it was from a long time ago. Whoever he was, I hadn’t seen him in ages. This guy was even older than me. He had deep lines in his face especially around his mouth. His mouth, by the way, had down turned ends making me think of a sullen bass.

I barely remembered him but I made vague small talk anyway.

“How’ve you been? Seen any of the old gang lately?”

The bass brightened. “Sully!” he said. “I saw Sully last week at the old hangout!”

I didn’t recall Sully or the old hangout but the bass looked at me and paused and created an uncomfortable silence so my hand was forced.

“Sully!” I said. “Man, I can’t remember the last time I saw him!” I added truthfully. “How is the old geezer?”

The bass laughed. “Well, you know Sully. Up to the sane old antics.”

I forced a laugh. “Good old Sully,” I added, looking down at my shoes and wondering if I should make a run for it. Meanwhile, I still didn’t recall the bass’ name. That didn’t stop him from asking me for money.

Old acquaintances should be forgot.