Brain Donor

It’s on my driver’s license. “Organ donor. Brain.” My friends think I’m crazy. They laugh and say “You weren’t using it anyway.”

And I tell them: “I didn’t lose my mind. I’m just giving it away.”

This confusion all developed in the early 2020s. Doctors figured out how to transplant brains, using monkeys. Then I won that big court case. So, I can legally donate my brain. Anyone can. And yet, for some reason, I’m the only person on Earth who has chosen to do so.

So, here’s the plan. If I’m in a car accident and my heart stops, they’ll take my brain and stick it in a young health body. Works for me because I’m in my eighties and I’m running out of time. I’ll basically be in my twenties inside a guy or gal who was, sadly, declared brain dead.

Bobby’s got a brand new bod!

I’ve just sent a distress signal to the police. Now I’m gonna aim for that guard rail real hard just like I planned. This should be interesting. Maybe I’ll take up rock climbing.