Energy Crisis

Terrible events energize me. If I get cutoff by a cabbie (happens all the time), of if I’m treated badly at work (even more frequent) the frustration and anger is retained, untapped energy ready for later use.

I see it as a positive thing.

I’ve been doing a slow burn, always keeping calm, storing that energy from birth up to the present. I’m 37 now, and if energy is the key, then anything is possible for me. But what to do? That’s the challenge. That’s my energy crisis.

Of course, the first thought is revenge. Anything and everything from practical jokes right up to murder has crossed my mind. I could create dread in many forms, from embarrassment to blood. It might be difficult, take a lot if legwork and planning, but it could be done.

I imagine the reaction: “Marvin was such a quiet, yet friendly fellow. I can’t imagine where that came from!” This would rapidly change to: “Marvin was suspiciously quiet. I knew he was up to no good. That blowup was inevitable.”

Or I could form a cult, enlist lots of lost alienated kids and have them work with me to cause more extensive trouble. Domestic terrorism, that sort of thing. Mean? Sure. But it could cleanse angry souls.

Perhaps I could build giant weapons, maybe drone missiles. I could lay waste to entire cities, maybe even countries. Who hasn’t had revenge fantasies? Mine are just bigger than your. Size counts.

But, you know, once you create a “Big Bang” it quickly disappears and is forgotten. Or if it’s remembered, it’s retained as history, something from long ago and not part of today.

No, that would not do for me. I want to reach into the future, into eternity. To make a real, major lasting impact I’m gonna have to do something extraordinary. So, here’s what I plan to do with my magnificent energy supply: write a story.