Genius In Every Dimension

I’ve been taking a bit of time off lately, traveling from dimension to dimension to see how I’m doing in each. Looks like I’m doing pretty good. So far, I’m a genius in every dimension.

Now, I can here you saying, “Lois, you may be a brilliant physicist who discovered how to travel between dimensions, but a genius in every dimension? Aren’t you a little full of yourself?”

Well, yes I am but I’ve earned it. Still, I’m not all that happy. Because I’m a genius in every dimension, but I also lack something in each.

In one dimension I was missing an arm. In another I was blind. In the next I had a progressive degenerative disease.

In an even sadder dimension I lacked love. In yet another, I lacked money or opportunity and begged pitifully for handouts. I’m still searching and still missing something everywhere.

Let’s see what’s in this one. Ah, yes! Just as I’d hoped! All my limbs! No serious disease. I’ve got love and money.

At last I am complete. Not a genius anymore, but complete. Yes, I’m a complete moron here, but at least I am complete.