God Hates Bigots

I just can’t seem to get through to them. The book was a pretty good idea for awhile, but now it’s useless. Worse than useless. That’s unfortunate because it was a really Good Book.

These loonies read into it what they want to read into it. They think it’s all about condemning people who commit sins—or their idea of sins which they have the chutzpah to attribute to Me—and accumulating personal wealth, and destroying the lovely planet I gave them.

This isn’t just some people. It’s a whole bunch of people, and my churches and my church leaders. It’s almost enough for me to delete the whole universe and start over. It’s usually about that time when my Son, who didn’t inherit his Father’s temper, comes by and says, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

So, I let it go.

But it’s been getting harder to look the other way. Since they “know not what they do,” I try to help them along by giving them not-so-subtle clues.

For fracking, for despoiling this beautiful blue marble I gave them, I sent out earthquakes as a warning.

For denigrating homosexuals, minorities and foreigners, I sent powerful storms of wind and water, scattering destruction.

For stockpiling wealth and punishing the poor, I sent cold and ice and a freeze that harms people and crops.

For denying healthcare to the weak and sick, I sent diseases that strike all, indiscriminately and without mercy.

For war and violence, I sent drought to slow the slaughter and warn the perpetrators and their cheerleaders.

Do they listen? No. They continue violating everything I have told them, everything I have told them from the very beginning. In fact, they arrogantly accelerate their abuses and invoke My name.

I’m really losing my patience. These people seem to be incapable of my one single simple and unequivocal command which I sent my Son to deliver: love they neighbor.

Well, if they keep it up, one day when my Son is somewhere else, I’m gonna end the whole damn thing. Thine will be done.