Good Man With A Gun

He didn’t look for trouble but it kept finding him. He was a good man with a gun and he would set things right. He was born for it. In fact his name was Goodman.

At the bus stop a man in a trench coat was looking at a lady funny. Goodman kept a close watch and a hand on the trigger. The lady turned to board the bus and the trench coat tried to follow. Goodman fired once and the trench coat fell. Police later picked up the fallen man. He’d committed a string of armed robberies and two murders. He’d clearly been about to strike again.

Goodman wasn’t shopping for praise. He was just an ordinary citizen, with excellent aim, looking to keep his city safe.

He stopped two other bad men with guns before lunch and then sat down at a counter at the Daily Special Diner for a sandwich and a beer. Three bites into his pulled pork sandwich, he heard a pair of strangers at the other end of the counter, arguing.

“Keep it down!” He yelled, firing a warning shot into the air. “I’m trying to eat.”

This diffused the tension, surely preventing another violent incident. Goodman had done it again.

Driving, making his rounds, essentially patrolling, Goodman noticed a driver cutting people off and driving extra fast in the right lane. Before tempers flared and a road rage incident occurred, Goodman fired three shots, Two pierced and flattened the back tires. One bullet went stray. The bad man with a temper and improper driving also had a gun that he was ready to use wrongly. But not with Goodman around. The bad man crashed into the guardrail. He was later taken into custody. Goodman collected a medal.

The stray bullet was stopped, heroically by Emma Stringer, a middle aged woman who was walking by the side of the highway, carrying gasoline back to her car a mile or so up the road. She stopped the bullet with her leg.

A man pulled over to help Emma and brought her to the hospital. This man had no gun and was no hero. He didn’t even own a gun. He was clearly a fool. Emma was released a few hours later, in pretty good shape.

Meanwhile, Goodman was on the other end of town, getting ready to keep the city safe for the evening. He carried a few extra clips, anticipating a long night.