Growth. Spurt.

Is bigger really better? Or is that just a phallacy?

Through an odd set of circumstances, Jeremy was about to find out. At six foot five, Jeremy wasn’t a big man except for his height. But now he was a, shall we say “member” of an elite group. He was now enormous.

Coincidentally, Felicia was doing some experimenting herself. With the help of her stylist, she made a big change: blond. To have more fun, if all went well.

Their eyes met, perhaps by chance. Some say that’s how these things work. Felicia hoped Jeremy was rich. He wasn’t, but she still might be impressed by his endowment. And Jeremy loved, or at least lusted after, blonds.

Truthfully, nobody knows anything about the origin or the course love. From the superficial start, the link between Jeremy and Felicia worked on multiple levels. Their elevated heart rates may have originated from sexual energy but where does that energy end and personal passion begin? Arms, legs and other protuberances intertwined. Scratches and bites further confused things. Rude yells and indiscreet moans bounced off the walls.

Lust only? Lust and love? Or was it simply madness?

Morning. Scattered sheets. Pillows in all corners of the room. The two robed figures, now hungry for mere food split a breakfast tray. Muffins, coffee, eggs and at least a gallon of coffee. They both looked horrible. Worse than merely disheveled. Jeremy stooped like an old man, his back failing again. Felicia was paler than the bright white walls of the bedroom. Her hair was a visual representation of chaos theory and her teeth, frighteningly, were canary yellow. Jeremy’s unfortunate rug of chest hair and bulging belly showed through his slightly opened robe. He tightened it too late to restore any illusion of handsome.

Still they ate, smiled at each other and engaged in snippets of small talk.

Later, they went out for a walk, took in a movie that night and returned to his apartment for a second night stand. They were disgusting but together.

Bedtime. Felicia washed the blond from her hair, brushed her teeth (which remained yellow) and put on some loose featureless pajamas. Jeremy stretched as he prepared for bed, trying and failing to fix his aching back. He also unhooked and removed his artificial extension, now returning to his slightly smaller than average manhood.

In bed, they kissed, slept and lovingly dreamed about each other’s imperfections. How did this happen? The heart and genitals have their reasons.