Hazmats in the Tunnel

I’m just the driver. I don’t know what’s in the back of the truck. Why should I?

I see all kinds of scary symbols when they load up the truck: skulls and bones and red slash marks and such. But they put the boxes and canisters in the back and I sit in the front. I don’t handle the stuff. I don’t even see it, so I don’t worry about it.

Then I had that spill. The back opened up as I was driving through the Lincoln Tunnel. I heard the honking and then the siren but I didn’t see anything. When I glanced at my side mirror, it looked all foggy. As it turned out, that was the problem.

After exiting the tunnel, I pulled over to the side, stopped, and took off the headpiece of my protective suit. My lungs burned so I put it back on. There were some guys, police and emergency workers, waving their hands wildly and pointing at me or at my truck or at something in my truck. I couldn’t tell.

So, I opened the door, stepped out, and walked around to get a better look. It was dark in the back of the truck so I pulled out my lighter to see. As I flipped it on, I heard a yell and a gasp.

I got pretty bad burns but I’m much better now. Sorry to say, the emergency workers didn’t make it. Also, I need a new job. Got any ideas? I’ll do anything. I’m crazy and desperate. At least that’s what people tell me.