I’m Back

The one place I never thought I’d go back to was that island. I’d been stranded there for years with those buffoons. Oh, they meant well, but they had no idea how to go about things.

It was so frustrating that, even with all my money, I couldn’t buy my way back home. Serves me right for taking a “three hour cruise” on that fragile looking boat—way too small to be considered a proper yacht—but Lovey said it would be fun. And I try to keep the wife happy.

After three seasons, we were cancelled and I finally got home. But it wasn’t the same. The stress must have taken a toll. My Lovey, that boozy old broad, got cranky and divorced me. I took a new younger trophy wife but that didn’t work out either. My second ex demanded most of my money and the creditors were getting nasty. I’d had enough.

So I’m back on the island, drinking a Gold Rush from a hollowed out half coconut and everything is just fine.