I’m Doing Fine!

I hear it all the time. Those people who, when you draw attention to many people who are struggling or suffering, always respond by proudly announcing “I’m doing fine!”

And then ramble about Bitcoin or some crap like that.

Next comes the lecture about responsibility and hard work.

If I had any respect for that viewpoint, I’d resent those people. I work three jobs and I’m not paid nearly enough to pay my bills. Collection agencies hound me which is, I suppose, yet another indicator of my moral shortcomings.

So, yesterday I was hanging out by the docks with my stuff when I heard a deafening sound. Was it an earthquake? Some other Anthropocene unnatural disaster? With the increased frequency of once-in-a-century events, it’s impossible to keep the tragedies straight.

Anyhow, a number of large waterfront homes caught fire and fell into the ocean. Those poor people lost everything, even their Bitcoins.

I have a lot of company now: a bunch of burnt, disfigured and newly disabled people who need to work harder and take responsibility. I share my stuff with them. They’re not happy, but they’re getting by.

Me? I’m doing fine.