It’s Not Real

I’m only nine, but it’s obvious to me that what they’re calling “the real world” isn’t real. I’m not a genius, but since I don’t have much of a stake in the game, it’s easy for me to see that the bosses and workers are playing at something that is out of sync with human nature and the planet.

Okay, maybe I am a genius.

Anyway, people go to work (the “lucky ones” who find paid work) and get paid as little as the bosses can get away with. The workers may or may not produce products or services. In any case, their job is actually to enrich bosses and shareholders—people who produce nothing.

This work is performed amorally, that is without regard to the well-being of people or the Earth. So, they spill poison (profitably) into the the air and water and earth. Those who do this take no responsibility and call unemployed people irresponsible.

People in suits with nice haircuts take this all very seriously. I’m nine and I know better.

Everybody thinks I’m a precocious little shit. Maybe they’re right. Or maybe my words are cutting just a little too close. You decide.