Joe Giraffe

Hi. Here’s my card. Please to meet you. That’s me. That’s my name, Joe Giraffe, like the animal. I’m in sales.

Oh, don’t give me that look. Sales isn’t a bad word. I’m here to help you pick out some wonderful things. Things that will make your life better. Happier.

Yeah, that’s my real name. I think it’s from my grandparents who shortened their Italian name when they got to Ellis Island. I don’t really know what it was before they changed it.

Yeah, that’s true. They do have these marvelous genealogy websites nowadays. That might be worthwhile. I just hadn’t thought about it.

That’s a good point. What could be the long version of the name “Giraffe?” I haven’t a clue.

What kind of coffee table do you think you’d like? Is your living room mid-century modern by any chance? I have something to show you, something I’m sure you’ll love.

I suppose it doesn’t really suit me. My neck is rather short. But, hey, it’s my name!

Look at the wood on this table! And the inlays!

Well, I suppose I could. But why change it? My name is Joe Giraffe, like the animal. It’s a perfectly respectable name.

Yeah, it’s the real thing. An antique. And look at the condition. We shined it up a bit but that’s the original finish.

I’m not ashamed of my Italian heritage. Why would you say something like that? We’ve got a small sofa to match the coffee table. A lovely two seater. Try it out. Comfy, huh?

No there isn’t a Mrs. Giraffe. Not yet anyway. That’s just the way it is. I haven’t met Miss Right. That’s just my college ring.

Don’t mind if I do. See! I told you it’s comfy. A little tight, though.

So, whaddya think? Great combo, the sofa and table. Shall I write them up for you?

Yeah, I do that when my shoulders are tense. Sometimes they kind of ache. Hey, that feels good. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Now about the table and sofa. Oh. Sure. I suppose we could continue this as my place. I’ve got some aspirin there.