Medicare for America vs. Medicare for All

Medicare for America is a bill introduced in December 2018 by Democratic Representatives Rosa DeLauro and Jan Schakowsky.

The healthcare proposal is based on a plan developed by the Center for American Progress.

Medicare for America is an alternative to Medicare for All, and unlike the latter program, this new bill preserved for-profit health insurance. It caps premiums at no more than 9.69% of income, with subsidies for poorer Americans.

Medicare for All charges no premiums because there is no health insurance, only actual healthcare.

Origins of Medicare For America

The bill is based on a plan devised by the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank and advocacy group that receives funding from America’s Healthcare Plans—the industry group of the health insurance industry and at least one pharma company, Eli Lilly.

Sponsors of Medicare for America

Rosa DiLauro, one of the wealthiest members of Congress, receives more money from healthcare donations than from any other industry.

Jan Schakowsky receives more money from law firms, and liberal groups, with healthcare her third most lucrative industry donor.

Health Insurance Companies Reaction

Health insurance companies are, unsurprisingly, opposed to Medicare for All and are committed to defeat it.

They formed a group to lobby against Medicare for All called Partnership for America’s Health Care Future. The group touts the current system and warns that any change would be detrimental. They have a website.

“Build on the strength and stability of the employer-provided health coverage that more than 180 million Americans rely on today”

In other words, this group opposes Medicare for All and supports a plan like Medicare for America.