Nanook Of The South

Like the Great Auk, the Southern Hemisphere Eskimos were thought to be extinct. But some are still around. They ice fish, build and live in igloos, the whole nine yards. Nanook was a family man and a good provider.

Nanook had an odd feeling that day, a feeling of being watched. But his igloo wasn’t in sight. No igloo was in sight and no Eskimo was in sight. So, Nanook went about his business, spearing a seal and dragging it home for dinner.

Ettie was great at cooking seal and the couple along with Junior enjoyed a hearty meal. They invited their neighbors from hundreds of miles around to share in the bounty. Some lived more than 100 miles away but they saw the smoke signals and travelled the whole day for a free dinner.

Still, Nanook felt he was being watched by somebody other than his family and guests.

The day ended, the guests went home. Nanook and his family had dessert (an Eskimo pie) and went inside to sleep. The feeling of being watched continued as he dozed off.

Some distance away, a lonesome forgotten Auk stared at the igloo and shed a tear.