Pencils Down

Please take one exam booklet and pass the rest to your right. If there are any left over bring them up to me. If, during the exam, you need an additional booklet or pencil, raise your hand.

You may begin.

Lorenzo had studied hard. He was still a bit nervous but fairly confident. He had certainly prepared. He began reading the first question, a logic problem of exceeding complexity.

Oh, restrooms are out this door, down the hallway on the right hand side.

Lorenzo though he had it, but got confused and re-read the question.

The restroom requires a key. You can borrow a key from right here.

Lorenzo scowled and started over. Ah! It’s making sense now!

But don’t forget to return the key when you are done.

Lorenzo put down his pencil, closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. He took a few deep breaths and returned to the task at hand.

Time is about half over.

Lorenzo crumple his test booklet. He raised his hand and asked for a new pencil. He needed it badly.

When the police arrived, they quickly discovered the murder weapon. It was a very sharp number 2 pencil buried in the proctor’s gut.