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Hello, friends!

I am no longer on Facebook or Twitter. This website will be my hub for staying in touch. Here are the options.


Video Chat
Every few weekends, on Sunday afternoon at 3pm, I am having live video chats. We will be using Jitsi, not Zoom. All you need to join is to enter the name of the meeting room here.


Join me via texting or telephone or email. Send me a form to request my telephone number and or email for this.

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Never Discovered

Do I have talent? I don't know. But I do know that I can't sell myself and that I'll never be discovered in my lifetime and probably not after I'm dead either. But who the hell cares? I don't even know what talent means. I suppose it means that you get noticed by...

What Children Have Figured Out

What Children Have Figured Out

Adults are childish and children are mature. It’s that simple. It’s obvious. The evidence is everywhere. And children, worldwide, have figured it out. Oh, there are exceptions. Some adults are mature and some children are childish. But where it counts, on the big...

Special: New Animation

The Nature of the Problem