Four people are in the middle of the ocean on a row boat which is leaking, steadily taking on water.

The Fat Man, alone on one side, is whacking away at the hole, making it bigger, so the cool refreshing water will rise and cool his body which had been baking uncomfortably in the sun.

“Ah!” he says. “This is lovely! I know that most of the water is coming in on my side, but some of it is trickling over your way, so you too can enjoy the rising water.”

The Small Girl at the other end, who is bailing furiously, looks up. “You idiot!” she says. “The boat is sinking and you are making it worse!”

The Nondescript Man and Nondescript Woman, who are in the middle of the boat, do nothing. They aren’t paying attention. They are playing cards.

The Fat Man doesn’t even look up. “You are but a child,” he says. “You will understand when you grow up.”

“If you don’t stop your madness,” says the Small Girl, “I won’t grow up—and you, too, will soon die.”

There is a long silence before the Fat Man speaks again.

“We will all die,” he says evenly. “Enjoy the cool water.”

“That we will all die is no excuse for you killing us.” the Small Girl says sharply.

“You cannot defy God’s will,” say the Fat Man, showing signs of losing patience.

“Your murderous actions are not God’s will. It is yours,” says the Small Girl.

Then she rushes the Fat Man and pushes him out of the boat. He sinks quickly.

The Nondescript Man and Nondescript Woman look up from their card game.

“What do you want us to do now?” they ask the Small Girl. Fortunately for everyone, the Small Girl understands the problem.