The 22 Hour Nap

Sleep researchers finally figured it out. It turns out that the ideal amount of sleep is 22 hours each night. Our ancestors would take down a mammoth, gorge themselves and sleep in a cave until they digested. Then they’d eat again and sleep another 22 hours.

Now everybody’s doing it. A lot less gets done—which as it turns out isn’t a bad thing. And everybody is refreshed and well-rested.

I did the study. My name is Max. There’s more to the study than what’s made it into the popular press. Let me clarify.

The study is really about diet, caloric intake, and sleep. The more you eat, the more you should sleep. Also, you should get vigorous exercise during your waking hours if you eat a lot.

Most of these long sleepers don’t eat enough to justify 22 hours of sleep. They also could use the exercise of a good strenuous hunt. That’s what sent me back into the lab. I’m cloning mammoths. It’s gonna take awhile because I’m working on it in two hour stretches.