The Ant Who Would Not Work

A long line of ants marched toward a small but growing hill, carrying crumbs and grains of sand. Most faced forward, expressionless, but a few gave a disgusted sideways glare at an ant who sat near the edge of the path happily munching on a breadcrumb double his size.

That was the ant who would not work.

The Lazy Ant was a mystery. Some claimed his behavior was genetic for he was known to have a Lazy Aunt. Others just thought he was simply a bad insect with low moral character.

In any case, resentment was building. Those who did not glare seethed inwardly. Still, the hill grew while the Lazy Ant watched and munched. Several ants tumbled down the hill, put off balance by the heavy loads they carried. The Lazy Ant looked on impassively.

One ant, a big red one, broke ranks and marched alone to the now Fat Lazy Ant.

Angry, but with a controlled tone, the red ant asked: “How is it that you can sit there in the shade stuffing your face while the rest of us work hard together building this anthill?”

The Lazy Ant burped and answered between bites: “I don’t get it. What do you mean?”

At that moment the red ant, weakened from hard labor and strained with emotion, keeled over and died.

“Poor guy.” Said the Lazy Ant. “I didn’t even get a chance to offer him some bread.”

Moral: Jealousy, hard work and moral indignation can kill you. Lay back and have a breadcrumb.