The Espresso and Sugar Cookie Diet

I didn’t plan to write a diet book, but my friends egged me on so I did. My view is that whatever raises your morale improves the quality of your life—even if it decreases the quantity. I go for quality not quantity. Don’t you?

I say, eat what you like when you’re hungry. If you feel your mood or energy is slipping, give it a jolt with an espresso and a sugar cookie. That oughta put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

I wrote the book in a weekend. I took pictures of cookies and espressos and smiling faces with my smart phone. There’s instructions on how to make a great espresso and tasty sugar cookies. And there are essays—really just my random thoughts—about food, life and happiness.

I charged $4.99 for it on Amazon, iBooks and Kindle. I thought that’s an impulse price. Somehow, it got noticed and recommended by the National Coffee Association. Then Starbucks started carrying hard copies of the book. I started selling a whole bunch of copies.

I suggest sugar cookies, but I don’t sugar coat the challenges. There are downsides. Sometimes the caffeine and sugar wears off. It’s sad but it happens. At those times, I recommend a nap. From personal experience, I can tell you with complete confidence that naps are the best.

So, get with the program. Throw away your glucose monitors, people! All you have to lose is your frowns.