The Most Important Election of Our Lifetime

Please vote tomorrow, if you haven’t already. We must defeat Trump.

That said, this is NOT the most important election of our lifetime. That was in 2000. In that election, we were voting for the survival of the species.

We chose correctly—we gave Gore our votes—but the election was stolen in the courts. The SCOTUS insisted that their ruling could not be used as a precedent, but that too was false. Every Supreme Court decision sets a precedent. And tomorrow’s election can be litigated just as 2000 was—because a precedent of the SCOTUS interfering in presidential elections was set. In 2000.

In 2000, we had a fossil fuel loving ticket on GOP side and a climate crisis obsessed candidate on the Democratic side.

Whatever his flaws (and Gore had the flaws typical of every mainstream politician), the Democrat was the political figure who was most knowledgeable and most obsessed with saving our species from climate crisis. Had we held our ground and demanded Gore be inaugurated, our Earth would have been in much better shape than it is now. And our chances of survival as a species would have been significantly better.

Now, even if Biden becomes the next president, we have lost 2 critical decades of progress. And Biden is much less committed to fighting climate crisis than Gore. But even if Biden comes through fully, our scientists and engineers are facing a much more difficult problem than in 2000.

So vote for Biden tomorrow, if you haven’t already. But be prepared to keep fighting for the survival of our species the day after and every day after that.