The Pitcher

Alberto failed to make it in the major leagues. He was strong and had good control. In the minors he rarely walked batters. But he didn’t fool anyone. He had one pitch: the high hard one. Batters saw it coming and connected nicely.

Alberto was cut. He was done with pitching. Now, he would taking up pitching instead. Sales.

Alberto approached his new career with the same work ethic as his minor league career. He worked with passion. He did his research. He talked with star salespeople. He studied people and tried to figure out what makes them buy and what makes them pass.

Meanwhile, Graham continued to rack up sales. He was the best. On the way back from a sales call, he’d pick up hitchhiker and sell them a dozen or more units. Alberto—still fighting to make it in the business—tried to do the same. But his hitchhikers didn’t buy.

What could be do? How could Alberto ever overtake Graham? Alberto worked as hard as he could. But Graham was a natural. He led in sales as easily as he breathed.

Alberto needed a way to make Graham breath less easily and a way to make prospects buy. But he didn’t have the skills. Or did he?

A baseball whizzed by Graham’s head. He retired from sales that day. And prospects quickly purchased whatever Alberto was selling after being brushed back by a high hard one.