The Season Changed

I swear it was snowing just a moment ago, and now it’s 90 degrees and sunny. I’m a climatologist and, sure, I’d expected trouble but this baffles me. I didn’t expect this. It makes no sense.

Anyhow, I’ve got these burns now and I’m rubbing snow on them for relief and it’s working. But I don’t know what to do about my morale and sense of competence which is dropping rapidly. I’m supposed to be the expert, dammit!

Experts fail sometimes. I understand that. And I was certainly right about some things. Environmentally, we’re screwed. I’m so proud!

But the path on the road to oblivion is fraught with mystery. Leaves falling in July, tornados in Alaska, drought in the rainforests of South America. What the hell!

I quit. I’ll live out my remaining years doing something different, something that still makes sense. I’ll be selling water ice. That used to be a seasonal business, but now it’s booming year round, despite the occasional blizzard. What flavor would you like?