The Soccer Mom League

The phrase originally referred to a purported voting block, but we take the game very seriously. We’re done driving our kids to practice. We’re moms and we play soccer like we really mean it.

I’m Julie, league founder and president. You’re probably curious how thus came about—everybody is. I’ll tell you.

Back in the old days, we’d pack sandwiches and drive the kids in the SUV to practice. We’d watch them practice and we’d watch each other, sometimes with jealousy (her husband is richer) and sometimes with feelings of superiority (what happened to her hair?!) But we grew tired of it all. I daydreamed during the games and subconsciously developed an alternate plan.

I talked with the other moms. We were all going through the same thing. There was discontent and churning inside. We had energy and we needed to find a way to channel it.

We got together over coffee to talk about the situation. Hannah was annoyed that, while she was shuttling around Robert and Nick, her husband was diddling his secretary. Lucy was annoyed that everyone was doting on the kids and she was always taken for granted. Ellen often skipped soccer, and instead got a baby sitter, left her kids at home and went shopping.

We all wanted out.

As it turns out, I had Billy’s soccer ball with me as we went into the park to continue our conversation. I kicked the ball to Ellen who head-batted it towards Lucy. In turn, Lucy stopped the ball and kicked it towards me. I grabbed the ball before it could make it into the net.

This was fun!

Now, we’ve got a league. We’re inseparable. We do everything together. But we don’t vote as a block.