We must prepare to become ungovernable.

We must prepare to become ungovernable.

This means nonviolent protest and noncooperation.

But instead of mass gatherings, it means we all protest individually or in small groups right where we are. Our signs and PICTURES focus on what’s wrong. Brutality, cruelty, greed and lust for power.

The protesters are not the issue. The brutality and cruelty of those abusing power are the issue.

We are a spotlight. Decentralized and undefeatable.

We must show that we do not trust, believe or respect anyone who engages in this brutality.

We must refuse to do what they depend on us doing—working for them, keeping their cruelty functional.

We must reach out to each other. Put flowers in the barrels of police rifles. Talk with police, with those hired to crush as we talk with other human beings—because that’s what they are. Just people like us We CAN reach them. And when we do, our oppressors will flee.

Because the oppressors are cowards who hide behind guns and hirelings. Because they produce nothing, living off of our labor, taking what they themselves call “unearned income.”

Across the country, brave unarmed protesters have stood up to guns and tear gas and rubber bullets.

Those who abuse power ONLY have violence and can only win through violence which is why they incite violence and can win ONLY if we take the bate.

That’s why they try to portray protesters as violent—because it justifies their brutality.

It’s true that even when we are peaceful (which we have been) they will portray us as violent and use their own lies and deceptions to pretend otherwise.

It doesn’t matter. Most people can and will see clearly.

You know that peaceful protesters brought down dictators and thugs and whose systems—in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, elsewhere.

Let them say that small groups of protesters and individuals everywhere—standing peaceably against cruelty, against violence, against lies—are a mob. They will fail.

They depend on our consent, our cooperation and our fear. When we withdraw these things, they are finished.

The moment to do this will be obvious. We don’t need to schedule or coordinate. It’s coming.

We will do this. YOU will do this.

They will fail. And we will free our country.