What Children Have Figured Out

Adults are childish and children are mature. It’s that simple. It’s obvious. The evidence is everywhere.

And children, worldwide, have figured it out.

Oh, there are exceptions. Some adults are mature and some children are childish. But where it counts, on the big things, the situation is clear.

And nowhere is it clearer than where it matters most. Every generation has a responsibility, many responsibilities. But there’s one that’s the most important: passing on the Earth in a livable condition to the next generation.

Sometimes, it’s been tough. One generation had to defeat the Nazis to make sure their children didn’t live in a totalitarian hellhole. Another had to prevent species-wide nuclear murder/suicide. It can be a hard job, but somehow previous generations managed to do the job.

Like responsible adults.

The current generation (and a few generations before them) failed miserably. They are destroying the Earth. Adults all know it—at least deep down—although many are in denial. But the children aren’t in denial. THEY see it because the planet the adults are destroying is the ones the children will need to somehow try to live on.

Here’s what the children have figured out:

Adults have known for decades that the use of fossil fuels is destroying the climate and would make the Earth increasingly hostile to humans
Adults did nothing about it. First they denied it was happening. Then they denied that they were responsible. (See? Childish!) Then they said that it wouldn’t happen for a long time. Next they said we could adapt. Now they say either we can’t do anything about it or it’s too expensive to fix. (How insane is THAT? Adults will destroy the Earth making it virtually uninhabitable for their own children because it’s too expensive to fix?)
Adults posture at doing something, having conferences and making pledges which they never keep.
Adults get very angry at young people—with Greta Thunberg as the proxy for all children—and try to deflect attention from their own failures.
Adults today STILL do nothing in the face of unprecedented wildfires, heat waves, killer storms and other hellish conditions which are getting worse.

So, here’s the story:

The children know. They are talking to each other. They are talking to adults—who still refuse to listen, to take responsibility or take appropriate and necessary action.

You can’t fool the children. Or deflect them. Or get them to “unknow.”

Your choices are:

Wake up, act like an adult and do absolutely everything in your power to protect the Earth, or
Accept that your children and grandchildren will live (and die) on a hostile planet due to your willful failure and will blame you—as they should—until their dying days.

You’ve been warned. Again.