What If Tea

It’s incredible what you can find shopping online nowadays. So, I’m browsing Amazon, see, and this thing comes up. What If Tea. A whole ten ounce canister for only $6. A bargain. So, I decide to pick up a package and I click on it and it says “Frequently Bought Together” and it show the tea and a time machine. But the time machine is like $100 so I decide to pass. I put the tea in my cart and check out.

It’s Amazon Prime so shipping is free and I get it the next day. So, I tear open the package and put up the kettle. Soon I’m sipping tea (it’s delicious!) and munching happily on a maple walnut scone. I curl up on the couch and doze off.

The dreams come. One after another. Scenarios of what might have been had I made different choices. What if I’d married Aaron instead of Walter? Oh, that would have been bliss. But then I’d never have had my beautiful daughter Marie.

And that fling I had with a circus career? If I’d pursued it instead of nursing school I’d be a renowned clown today. Not changing bedpans.

The dreams continue and I experience a dozen different scenarios. I now clearly see which decisions would have been best for me. A few tweaks to my past and I’d have the perfect life.

So, I’m back online looking for that time machine. I figure I could scrape together $100 and even pay shipping if necessary. But the damn thing is out of stock. I’m miserable.