What’s Important?

How about you take a look at what’s happening in the world and in your life and YOU decide what to focus on?

After years of listening to hyperbolic ideologues and self-important billionaires and various reality-challenged zealots filling the airwaves and the internet with batshit crazy nonsense and egotistical bullcrap, maybe it’s time to completely forget those nobodies (which is what they actually are) and create your list of true priorities and action items.

When I do this, I conclude:

  1. Put the spotlight on climate catastrophe and what we can do about it right now. (Also, completely ignore climate deniers and those pushing bullcrap based on insane ideology and greed). Climate overwhelms every other issue, because if civilization collapses and out planet becomes uninhabitable, then every other issue becomes moot.
  2. Engage in creative activity and put interesting things into the world. In my case, that would primarily be essays, short stories, doodles and animation. Climate would be the most important theme, but everything is permitted. Self-expression and imagination are essential for a worthwhile life.
  3. Embody kindness with the objective of making the lives of everyone you encounter today just a tiny bit better. This is a sensible and deeply satisfying approach.
  4. Do your best to have a positive impact but let go of anything beyond your control. Reject futility.

Your approach may be (and probably should be) different. But I would recommend that your approach should be yours—not merely following some group or ideology or “leader.”

Be your own leader!