What’s Wrong With Work?

You probably sense it. Most of us do. Work is a problem.

It’s not that something particularly tragic is happening at the office right now, although it might be. It’s more basic than that. It’s ongoing. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but you feel something’s not quite right nonetheless.

Most people dread going to work. They hate Mondays. And it’s not because the weekend is over. It’s because work is beginning. There’s an idea, shared by managers and front-line workers alike—work must be unpleasant. Otherwise, why would you get paid for it?

I’m here to show you why work can and should be fun, why it isn’t and how it can be.

The problem is this: that idea is terribly wrong and must be rejected. When we accept work as unpleasant, we accept that most people will spend the bulk of their lives in unhappy pursuits. If that’s the case, our entire social, economic and political systems are a failure; they offer only unhappiness.

And the idea IS false. There is no reason why workplaces can’t be happy places. There’s no reason that work itself can’t be stimulating, challenging and fun. It’s sounds odd to say this, because it’s so different from our assumed truth. But our insistence on “tough realistic” management and “hard-nosed business” are nonsense that endure by inertia. They have no basis in reality.

I’m here to show you why work can and should be fun, why it isn’t and how it can be. This is important subject. It’s about the quality of nearly all of our lives and those of our friends and those of our children. We must find satisfaction and meaning in how we spend our lives. We simply must.

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